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Aluminum Alloy Hook Cast-drawing Polishing For Roller Track Conveyor AL-49

Quick Detail:

Model AL-49
Weight 0.056 kg/pcs
Surface treatment Casting or Oxidation Sandblasting
Technology Casting
Color Grey or Silvery Polishing
Usege Connect Pipe & Roller Track
Applied Roller Track Conveyor
Application Workbench, production line, logistic rack, warehouse rack.

Aluminum Alloy Hook Cast drawing Polishing For Roller Track Conveyor AL-49Aluminum Alloy Hook Cast drawing Polishing For Roller Track Conveyor AL-49Aluminum Alloy Hook Cast drawing Polishing For Roller Track Conveyor AL-49


Aluminum productions arewidely used in Manufacturer workshop, Automobile, Electronic, Assembling, logistic industry ,According to the variation of store items can make reasonable design, can be used too classify the store , easy to manage and speed up the staffs' efficiency.Aluminium alloy products with the very big difference in the traditional sense of the bar, it can be applied to shelves, chute, workbench, revolving cars, clean use in areas such as the interval.

AL-49 Roller Track Aluminum Alloy Hook is connector for both Roller Track or Aluminum PIpe

It is made of Aluminum pipe directly by Casting technology ,Can arrange Sivlery Polishing color or Oxidation sandblasting Grey color .

The Technology:

1. Lightweight and stable
Made entirely of Aluminum-Tubes,profiles and connectoring elements,The high rigidity ,outstanding corrosion resistance and low weight of this material has resulted in it becoming a tried-and trusted material in many production applications.
The quanlity of the design is also clear to see.The high-quality look of the material serves as a lasting reminder of the economic benefits.

2. Processing-faster and easier than ever before
Profiles and Tubes are cut to length-cut-off tolerances and angular erros are compensated by the connecting elements,No further processing in required,as all the connecting elements are applied externally .
The one-screwdriver principle means there is no need to waste time finding the right tools and makes building structures with Line Aluminum Pipe and incredibly efficient process.
The fastenes can attached at any position ,meaning there is no need to first work out where they need to be located.

What is Roller Track

1. Roller tracks are designed to efficiently transport material of varied size and weight.

2. Roller tracks are most often used in flow racks, but can be used for virtually any material flow application, when combining with our coated pipes and pipe fitting.

3. Ideal for requirements in warehouse racking

4. Using our all kinds of metal pulley connectors, the roller tracks are easily installed and will support significant weight. The slope and spacing between tracks is adjustable and determined by the size and weight of the material being handled.

5. Using the placon can improve the efficiency of goods flow, due to its easiness to control quality and store by the ' first-in first-out' ( FIFO) rules.

Aluminum Alloy Hook Cast drawing Polishing For Roller Track Conveyor AL-49
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